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Titta, norrmännen är vettiga!

November 7th, 2009

IFPI Loses: Telenor Will Not Block The Pirate Bay

Earlier this year, the IFPI gave Norwegian ISP Telenor an ultimatum – block access to The Pirate Bay within days or get taken to court. Telenor refused, IFPI followed through with its threat and the case was heard earlier this month. The decision was announced today. IFPI lost the case and Telenor will not have to block The Pirate Bay.

“… it is important for us to emphasize that this case is not about being in favor of or opposed to copyright, but about whether or not it is reasonable to saddle Internet service providers with a censorship role in respect of content on the Internet,” [Telenor's Ragnar Kårhus] added.

Precis! Heja Norge! Heja Telenor!

Det är så lätt att fastna i att gnälla ibland.. Man får ju passa på att vara glad när något går bra!