DS-10 Manager

Note: there's a whole new version out. It's much better.

The DS-10 Manager can export and import tracks and patches from DS-10. To make use of it, you'll need some way to get your save file to your computer. DS-10 Manager is written in Java, and runs on any Linux, Mac and Windows platform with a relatively modern Java version. It's licensed under the GPL, meaning it's Free/Open Source Software.

I've been testing the DS-10 Manager a bit with my DS-10, and haven't run into any problems. That said, there are no guarantees. Backup your stuff! I haven't tested it with the DS-10+ at all. Testing and reports are very welcome.

The DS-10 Manager should be compatible with DS-10 patches and tracks exported with KidQuaalude's Save Tool (Windows-only, which is why I wrote the DS-10 Manager).

Ready to download? Here it is: DS-10 Manager Download.

You should be able to run it just by double-clicking the JAR file. If not, try right-clicking and choosing to open with "Java", "Java VM" or "Java Runtime".

For more info and/or help, there's a thread at DS10forum.com, full of informationy goodness!