Edge Detect

The Edge Detect filter is a general filter.

The Edge Detect uses a pretty simple edge detection algorithm to split the image into differently-colored fields.

Border Treshold is the treshold for what we consider a border between two fields. You can see these borders by checking the Show borders checkbox.

The Fill tab lets you choose different fill modes:

  • None: all-white background
  • White: Everything above a certain brightness is white, everything else is black
  • Gray: Like the White mode, but with a few shades of gray thrown in
  • Flat: Uses the average color of the field's pixels
  • Random: Uses a random color for each field. Useful when choosing the border treshold
  • Passthrough: Ignores fields and just passes the original pixel values through

The fill parameter is used by the White and Gray modes, to determine the tresholds for different shades.

The Edges tab lets you set a "low" and "high" treshold for drawing black edges on top of what the fill mode generated. Everything below the low treshold will be unaffected. Everything above the high treshold will be completely black. Between low and high... well, take a guess. ;)

Source image Fill mode 'white' Fill mode 'gray' Fill mode 'flat'