Sample pictures

These are bead pictures made with the help of Perler.

Did you use Perler to make something? Want an image of it here? Send it to

Mom's 50th birthday present by SnildAudrey Hepburn by Patrick MurrayPaul by Towe RosellMarilyn Monroe by Joachim HolmbergSyster & Edvin by Catarina TörnfeldtKoZe by Jörg LepinatTjejbebis by Pia NordinAugust by Pia NordinCornelis Vreeswijk by Fredrik JonassonTulda i Pastell by SnildLars Winnerbäck by KaptenenRoky Erickson / Stand For The Fire Demon by SnildFlying by Johan GogmanHenrik Berggren by Eric OdmyrJens Lekman by Malin SandbergMorrissey by Malin SandbergPaul McCartney by Malin SandbergAwww!! by Jelena MirosavljevicZombie by Helena LyngemarkLauryn Hill by SajaaaMarilyn Monroe by Johan GogmanTankman by Samuel SkånbergSamus by GrovebranchLink by GrovebranchMario by GrovebranchMega Man by GrovebranchDrude by SnildWayne Static by TeevePaper Mario by BrainPaulie "Walnuts" Gualtieri by GrovebranchJohnny Depp by Kaptenen