So, you want to translate Perler to your language? Wonderful!

It's not very difficult, and doesn't take much time.


  • Copy the contents of this file into a file named, and put it in the same folder as your Perler .jar file.
  • This file will now be the primary source for messages within Perler. This makes it easier to test your new translation.
  • The file is a normal text file. Use your favorite text editor.
  • Each line has a property name, an equals sign, and then a value.
  • Translate the rightmost part of each line.
  • There is some additional information in the translation file itself.
  • If something is difficult to understand, ask! I'm very polite. ;)


Note: if you know git and GitHub, you can of course send this pull request in any way you wish. Otherwise, these steps should be helpful:

  • Get a GitHub account. It's free!
  • Go to the internationalization folder.
  • Click the little + to add a new file. Name it, where XX is your language's language code (for example se, en or fr).
  • Put your translation into the new file.
  • Commit your change. For the title, I recommend "Add X language file", for example "Add German language file".
  • Send me the commit by adding a new "Pull Request"

Thank you for your help!